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July 3/10
After 35.5 hours of travel time, we have made it to our first accommodation, a Bach in Russell, Northland, New Zealand. Let me give you a rundown of what we experienced.

Step one - Checking in at Pearson International and waiting for a couple of hours.

Step - Two a five hour flight to L. A. X. (flight delayed 50 minutes because of a late connection flight for 30 teenagers from Madrid, Spain.)

Step three - A three hour layover in L.A., (Pearson is a much more impressive airport) We were all rather impressed as we watched the HUGE Air New Zealand boeing 474, double decker plane being positioned by our departure gate. It made us all marvel yet again at the engineering and scientific feet of being able to make such a massive amount of metal defy gravity and stay up in the air!!!

Step four – Wait in the un-air-conditioned aircraft for about an hour as technical problems were discovered and had to be fixed. This was rather unnerving experience. The pilot came on the P.A. system and announces that due to engineering difficulties the flight would be delayed. So imagine our feeling...engineering difficulties....hummm.....we are ju st about to embark on a very long flight in a plane with engineering difficulties!! After about 2o minutes of worry the pilot came back on the P.A. system announcing that they determined the engineering problem: the battery for the air conditioning for the plane was not fully charged. Therefore they would be switching the battery....meaning no air conditioning in a fully loaded plane for 1 hour. A rather sweaty experience.

On The Plane To Auckland

On The Plane To Auckland

Step five – 13 hour flight over the Pacific and landing in Auckland. The on-flight entertainment system was a wonderful method to pass time. We all found numerous movies to watch in between eating a full dinner and breakfast and of course trying to sleep...very challenging!!

Step six – Meet the Cronsberrys (it was so wonderful to see and also hear the voices of dear friends when exiting the arrival gates in a foreign country!!) at Auckland airport, pick up rental car and a start 3 hour 20 minute drive on the wrong side of the car and the wrong side of the road. (I turned on the wind shield wipers more than the signal lights). Beautiful winter day in Auckland, (10 degrees and sunny). I only got honked at once and nearly drove off the road a few times, but did not hit more than one car; It was minor and in a parking lot. No damage and the owner of the other car was nowhere to be found so I just parked on the other side of the lot. . . Those of you not familiar with previous blogs we have done, the last statement was a joke, (the part about parking on the other side). More about driving in NZ will follow in a later blog.

Arriving in New Zealand; Ayden and Claire with Bronte and Jack

Step seven – Finding and entering the incredible bach (pronounced batch..the NZ term for cottage) in Russell. After a long waited for shower, we then started to really settle into the bach. It is wonderful for all the Allores to get a chance to catch up with the Cronsberry family. Their 5 months of accumulated experience of New Zealand life has been wonderful and invaluable to hear. This catching up was cut rather short when we were hit with the massive desire to sleep. Yup...we headed to bed by 7:00pm. Finally collapsing into bed felt wonderful!!! We all slept incredibly well our first night in NZ.

Our First Bach (in Russell); Down By The Shore

Now that we are finally here, have settled in, we can start to explore NZ. We will be spending the first 2 weeks traveling and visiting with the Cronsberrry family. We will continue to post our adventures when we find WiFi.

Now something for you to get involved in.........

What Is It.
“What Is It” is a part of the blog that involves audience participation.
I am going to periodically post a picture of something that we have encountered and see if you can guess what it is. I may give some clues to help you in your guessing...of course specific ‘guesses’ are desired. For example if I put a picture of a penguin on the blog I would expect you to say it is the yellow-eyed penguin, not just say it’s a bird or a penguin. The person with the closest, and quickest, most accurate guess will be ranked number one for that post and will receive 4 points, second place will be worth 3 points and third place will be worth 2 points and any reasonable guess will be worth 1 point. These points are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for anything. They can not be used as a currency and the winner at the end of our trip will win nothing, but hey isn’t everyone collecting points now-a-days that they have no idea how to use? Think of this as a points collection program where you know exactly what you can do with them. Nothing.

So here is the first one. It will be a practice so no points will be awarded, but you must make a comment and the first time you make a comment, you have to be approved. Waiting for approval could take you out the top three spots, so make your first comment now so that you will immediately be able to respond in later challenges.


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You sillies, it is the door handle of the airplane toilet!!

p.s. Getting there would have been adventure enough for me :)

by Michelle Allore

Agreed: door to bathroom facilities in airplane.

by Justin

It shows little sign of heavy use, therefore, it's probably the door handle to the men's airplane washroom, rather than the women's. :)

by David

Yup, it's probably a door handle to a toilet. Good to have one of those when you are in the airplane for so long!

by Branwen Burkhalter

Looks like a seat adjustment handle on your airline seat!!

by Lynn Nelson

Looks like a fish line on a reel!

by froghouse

Believe it or not but this is the first time I have ever participated in a blog but I have to say that my guess was, indeed, the handle of an aircraft toilet!! Am I good or what!?

by Denham Dingle

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